Ms. Chach Sikes

Ms. Chach Sikes
I'm Chach. That's Chach, as in Chacha.

I create positive experiences to enhance our ability to survive and thrive on our interconnected planet.

UPDATE: 11/12/2014 - Migrating old site off Dreamhost after a server fail. New content and full links coming this winter.

  • Prototyper
  • Web Programmer (Full-stack Front-End Engineer): Interactives, Maps, Data viz
  • Public Designer: Public Art projects
  • Event creator, Open Gov advocate

Communities that know me: Code for America, Mapping, Exploratorium, Museums, Drupal, Urban Prototyping/Civic Designers

The Last Decade

Predictions Plain & natural language communication in interactive designs for governance, Writing, Painting, Pedestrian clothing design, Positive emotions & the body
Predicted technologies Markdown, public sculpture, 3d prototyping
CivicInsight, Natural language design, Urban manufacturing, Secrecy, #gouacheparty, Sewing, Brain & body-emotions, Emotional Infographics, Building development data & Cities, Code for America, Rails, PostGRES, Javascript, 3d prototyping, Bike bags, Bespoke clothing, Lemonopoly Cards
Water, open government, GIS, data, maps, data cubes, NodeJS, Mongo, Mapbox, Tilemill, Nerds for Nature, Emotional Infographics, Mukurtu, Digital Heritage
Urban agriculture, Open Food data, lemons, neighborhood networks, sharing, Urban Prototyping, FruitFence planters, MongoDB, FoodCards, Mukurtu, Digital Heritage, Oakland Trees
Participatory design, open government, Code for America, Community gardening, Open Source, Neighborhood software, Drupal, Internet Variety Store (popup storefront), New Play Map
Drupal, Development for big projects, Missouri Department of Conservation, Rethink Recycling PBS, Open Source
Drupal, Nanoscience, Open Source
Nanoscience, Informal science education, Microscope Imagery, Body & Emotions
Mind, Microscope Imagery, Bioinformatics(Human Genome)
Mind, Microscope Imagery, Outdoor Exploratorium