Chach Sikes

Ms. Chach Sikes
That's Chach, as in Chacha.

I create positive experiences to enhance our ability to survive and thrive on our interconnected planet.

What I do

  • Make prototypes.
  • Design experiences.
  • Program the web: (Full-stack Front-End "Storytelling" Engineer.)
  • Make interactives, maps, data visualizations.
  • Do public art projects.
  • Facilitate, found, organize and bring people together in events.
  • Break comprehension barriers.

Communities that know me:

What I'm up to

  • Daily Boost. Public power poses. April 2015 as part of Market Street Prototyping Festival.
  • CivicInsight, Publishing building and code enforcement data for cities throughout the US
  • SFMOMA Art & Data Day: Facilitated workshop for SFMOMA & Stamen, we wrote up a blog post summary for SFMOMA's new SFMOMA Labs. "Art + Data Day: Interrogating the SFMOMA API through Participatory Design"

Past Projects

  • Fruit Fence for Urban Prototyping Festival
  • Lemonopoly for Zero1 festival with SOMArts.
  • Nerds for Nature, co-founder
  • Iconathon, co-founder of event to produce new civic symbols for the public domain.
  • California Water Rights Map/Groundwater & New California Water Atlas. Co-founder/Engineer/Designer/Open gov strategist
  • Mukurtu, Lead Engineer, open source platform for culturally appropriate digital heritage content and media management
  • Code for America Fellow, 2011 (founding class of fellows), Team Seattle.
  • Open Food data community building
  • Internet Variety Store: analog internet installation in a popup storefront.
  • Drupal developer with Gorton Studios: Missouri Department of Conservation, a PBS show, a school, a recycling directory
  • Science Museum of Minnesota: National network of nanoscience educators, Science Buzz, Disease Detectives
  • Exploratorium: Multimedia exhibit developer on exhibition teams. Mind, Listen, Microscope Imaging Station, Bioinformatics Human Genome exhibit, Visitor Research and Evaluation, Outdoor Exploratorium